Had enough of self-opinionated colleagues? Do you have an urge to let off steam without being banned ever, especially with NO notice or appeal? You could very well have found your home. You can even talk about other forums without fear of being banned. A pal of mine had his membership of another suspended as the admin wanted an assurance that he would not mention anything about this one - that was before he even let on he knew about this place! Without giving that undertaking he was banned. There will be no small-minded pettiness like that here. You can even say what you like about me - it will just be like tooth brushing - quality counts, not quantity. If the forum gets clagged up with spam...I'll have to have a clear out. Criticism, no matter how vehement, of myself or any moderator will not be automatic grounds for action - you are entitled to your opinion. I am too grown up and thick skinned to be as infantile as other admins. I REALLY want to encourage open-mindedness and free debate, unlike some other dental forums I could mention!

And I will mention them, "GDPUK.com". They are so afraid of any competition, they will not even allow the mention of this site on theirs and have even just set things up to try stop me accessing their site at all. Got around that one in a second, just use http://www.guysim.com/fun-place/, it is a redirect page to this main site. The owners/mods are infantile in the extreme and a pathetic bunch. Their behaviour says reams about them and their sycophants, that they take such extreme measures against a 15 member forum! We must be doing something right and I have thanked them for their encouragement - that is why I wanted to access their site in the first place. I have their email addresses anyway, we exchanged emails in the past, so that re-enforces by opinion. A little birdie tells me that they have BANNED mention of this site in their Private Messaging system, so don't forget, use http://www.guysim.com/fun-place/ instead. Makes you wonder how private their private system really is.

As much as I believe in free speech, the government does not. So some posts will have to be regrettably removed if they break the law (though IANAL) as I am considered a publisher. It is just like being a dentist really - I have to cover my back first <VBG>!

Originally, this forum was to be just for dentists, but we have a dental nurse and a dental technician as members. Non-dentist members have to be proposed by a dental member of the forum.

In spite of the GDC and the BDA, there is still only one captain of the dental ship, and that is the dentist. That is not to decry the part played by others, but the buck stops with a BDS - though not as much as it used to.

So step on to the forum and register. PLEASE also send me an email with your full name and GDC number too - I cannot register you without this. Do not worry if the registration page says that there are no forums - it is just that you have to be registered to see them.

Once a registration request has been received, it will be processed as soon as possible. I have to be sure that only GDC registrants are getting through so may need to contact you. It is essential that you email me at admin@4-uk-gdps.com with your chosen user name and GDC number as well*.

Without a valid email address you will not be able to register. If you manage to sneak past the vetting process a) if you are offended by anything you see or read - tough, just move along and b) you will have entered what is considered a private area and any comments that you read will have been made as if between adults in private having a few beers at home (and a few of us DO have a few beers whilst on here). Once admitted, what is said and read on the forum stays on the forum. I would consider it an actionable abrogation of professional trust if somebody blabbed. Search engine bots are even excluded from the forums to guard our privacy, to the best of my ability.

See you inside.

Dr Guy Laurel And Hardy The Great McGonigle Roscoe Arbuckle Simmons** BChD

An email from a real person stands out from the automated bogus requests (sometimes well over 50) I get to join this forum from Eastern Europe every day.  Without this extra email your application cannot be processed.

**Yes, that is my real official name and appears in the register. It is a bit of fun and I have good
reasons for choosing those middle names.
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